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Chiropractic is based on the knowledge that tension, misalignments or altered function of the spine (subluxations) interfere with the flow of information and energy along your nerves and throughout your nervous system.

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Infant & Child

Little in life is potentially as challenging or as rewarding as raising children. One of our greatest responsibilities as parents is caring for their health. At Brighton Beach and Somerville Chiropractic we are a true wellness practice.

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Myotherapy takes an integrated approach to treating musculoskeletal pain utilising a range of physical modalities to effectively assess, treat, and prevent muscular conditions that cause myofascial pain, injury, and dysfunction.

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Remedial Massage is a holistic treatment for the body, supporting the body’s own repair mechanisms and speeding up the healing process.

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Release tension from your body and dissolve stress from your mind

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Pilates improves flexibility and strength without bulk while lengthening and streamlining the body. While many clients use Pilates for general conditioning, it is also ideal for specific rehabilitation of injuries and conditions.

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Combining traditional knowledge and modern science, naturopathy uses Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Homeopathy, Nutritional and Lifestyle Education to achieve maximum health.

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When you change your health you will change your life.
It is an undeniable fact that our lifestyle choices and our environment are our most significant determinants regarding our state of health.
Our mission is to align your body and to get your lifestyle choices to matter to you, specifically how you eat, how you move and how you think.

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